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2022 Informative Guide to Nest Swing

Nest swing also called bird nest swing, saucer swing, and web net swing is a kids outdoor toys that hang in the trees, on the swing set, and in other places. Because of its high load-bearing, easy-to-hang, large play area, and high-security features loved by children and parents.

Nest swing is one of the most popular outdoor toys for children in recent years, and has become a new outdoor toy for children’s entertainment. Some nest swing heavy duty can accommodate more than one child at the same time, or parents accompany the use, kids nest swing has a positive effect on the treatment of autism in children.

In Europe and the United States, nest swing frequently appears in the garden yard, amusement parks, schools, and so on, I believe you have seen them before.

This post will lead you to a comprehensive understanding of nest swing, if you want to engage in related business, then this post will be very helpful for you to understand this industry!

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About Nest Swing

People Also Ask

The nest swing is called nest swing chair, or bird nest swing, it is a kind of round net swing, that can be hung to the ceiling, or to the swing frame, whatever steel or wooden frame, also can be fixed to the tree with extension rope or straps. And then we can swing on the mat, and this swing can hold more than 600lbs, so it can be suitable for age 3-103, it passed the GS testing, and also ASTM F1148, no concern ab the safe swing.

The max loading can be 300kgs, (700lbs), it is ok for the whole family.

Except for the saucer swing, tree swing, net swing, nest swing, platform swing, also commercial swing. Additionally, have a different color assortment of swings, most importantly, we keep developing new swings, new garden sports swings, and adventure productions.

First needs to assemble it quickly, with the spring clip system, adjust the extension rope set, and hand it to one hanging point with a carabiner for twisting, or to 2 points for swing, but be careful, the swing seat needs to be 20inch to the ground at least, and keep distance to other obstacles.

  1. Choose a sturdy tree branch or a sturdy beam in a covered patio or pergola that can support the weight of the nest swing and the people using it.

  2. Measure the distance from the hanging point to the ground to ensure that the swing will be at a safe height for the users.

  3. Attach a swing hanger to the tree branch or beam. Make sure that the hanger is rated for the weight of the swing and the users. You can use a bolt hanger, a ceiling hanger or a strap hanger, depending on the material of the hanging point and the weight of the swing.

  4. Hang the nest swing on the hanger by connecting the ropes or straps to the hanger. Make sure that the swing is hanging level and that the ropes or straps are taut.

  5. Test the stability of the swing by gently rocking it back and forth. If it feels stable, you can start using it. If not, adjust the height of the hanger or tighten the ropes or straps until the swing is stable.

  6. Regularly inspect the hanger, the ropes or straps and the hanging point to ensure that they are in good condition and that the swing is safe to use.

  7. Enjoy your new nest swing!

Note: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for hanging and using the nest swing. Always use caution when using a nest swing, and never exceed the weight capacity.

Round nest swings can be purchased from various retailers, both online and in-store. Online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair offer a wide selection of nest swings, while brick-and-mortar stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Target also carry them. Before making a purchase, consider the size, weight capacity, and material of the swing, as well as its intended use and any additional features you may want, such as a stand or hanging hardware. It is also important to check the retailer’s reviews and return policies.

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What is a nest swing?

What types of nest swing are there?

In the past few years, with the development and progress of the children’s outdoor toy industry, there have been great changes in the nest swing. As an outdoor toy manufacturer with 18 years of experience in the process of cooperation between us and our customers, the two sides combined with market feedback, continuous communication to develop and improve nest swing, including optimizing product shortcomings, increasing product features and improving product performance. The more than 100 nest swing currently on sale have evolved from many years ago. This section will categorize our nest swings based on size, shape, and structure.

  • Shape

Generally speaking, the shape of the kids nest swing is less, divided into round nest swing, nest swing oval, square nest swing, hexagon nest swing, and other custom shapes. The most popular is the hexagon nest swing. Rectangular and oval also called platform swing, because of their shape, the swing seat play area are large, suitable for more than one child to play at the same time, but the cost of rectangular will also be higher. The hexagon swing is a new shape that we have just developed, and this hexagon swing has been loved by our partners since its launch. 

  • Size

Similar to the shape, the regular size of the kids nest swing is less, the best sell size is the dia. 40inch size, size selection:24, 30, 35inch for one kid play. multiple children play at least 40inch or choose other shapes nest swing. If you are a toy store operator, our purchasing advice is to purchase more 40inch sizes.

nest swing chair size
  • Structure

According to the main structure of the kids nest swing, our swing can be divided into these categories: foam knot nest swing, detachable nest swing, hollow nest swing, foldable nest swing chair, nest hammock swing chair, and nest swing tent. The following pictures take you to clearly understand these types of products.

Green 60cm nest swing

Foam Knot Nest Swing

Foam Nest Swing is a nest swing structure that swing steel tube wrapped by NBR-foam, PE Hanging rope through the steel tube hole and then hotting knot to make it fixed, the swing hanging rope is not removable. This structure has the adventures of easy assembly (fully assemble or swing steel tube disassembly), large capacity, durability, and only 3 steps to complete the installation, for children's entertainment

round net tree swing

Hollow Nest Swing

Hollow nest swing is one of our patented designs, and it's different from traditional nest swing, kid can wear through his feet form the middle of the hollow swing seat for a more comfortable position to play. At the same time unnecessary to worry about safety, our swings will have a professional test to ensure the safety of users.

hanging chair hammock

Nest Hammock Swing Chair

Nest hammock swing chair is a kind of kids nest swing, including foldable ourdoor nest swing chair, macrame nest swing chair, rectangular platform nest swing chair and so on. Nest swing chair can provide a more comfortable sitting position, indoor and outdoor can be used, and water resistance is very good.

Summary of this chapter

Sort by size:

24inch nest swing

30inch nest swing

35inch nest swing

40inch nest swing

60inch nest swing

Sort by shape:

round nest swing

nest swing oval

square nest swing

hexagon nest swing

Sort by Structure:

foam Nest Swing

hollow Nest Swing

nest swing chair

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How to make nest swing?


Maybe you don’t know much about the production process of nest swing, or you are interested in learning more about the secrets of kid nest swing production. In this chapter, we will explain to you the production process of the nest swing and let you know some details about the production process. By reading this chapter, you will become an expert in the knowledge of nest swing!

The following will show you the entire process in production order

Nest swing produce process

1.Nest swing material

Before understanding the raw materials, we need to know the structure of the nest swing, the following picture shows you the name of each part.

60Cm Garden Kids Nest Swing Chair

Splay ring 


NBR Foam

PE Rope

PE Rope

Kids Nest swing generally has the following accessories: Steel pipe, Rubber foam tube(NBR Foam), EPE foam steel tube, PE net rope, PE hanging rope, PE winding rope, O-ring, Splay ring, Carabiners

2.Pipe cutting

Pipe cutting is the first step in the production of the nest swing, we will purchase back the steel pipe (according to customer demand, choose galvanized steel pipe or black skin pipe, etc.) according to the order quantity and size of the swing to determine the cutting the raw material steel tube.

pipe cutting

3.Pipe contracting

Pipe Contracting refers to the combination of multiple steel tubes together, squeezing one side of the tube a little flatter, as shown in the picture.

pipe contracting


As the name implies, the two ends of the pipe are bent to fit together. The round nest swing will bend the steel tube into an arc, and the rectangular nest swing will bend the steel tube into a concave polygon.


Make mounting holes for the link of two steel pipes



Some nest swings do not require screw links, and the hanging rope is passed directly through the body of the product. Therefore holes need to be drilled to handle this.

7.Embedded cut-proof tube

This is a typical case of our nest swing process improvement. To prevent the PE hanging rope from being cut by the edge of the punch mentioned above during the use of the swing, causing safety problems. We added this design to the 25mm diameter steel pipe. Embedded in a cut-proof tube increases the durability of the swing.


A steel pipe surface treatment process can improve the steel pipe surface’s beauty, and make it more corrosion-resistant. Before spraying, the surface of the steel pipe needs to be treated, such by removing oil, dust, and rust on the surface of the steel pipe

9.Injection Molding

The method of making the swing buckle, as shown in the video, the end of swing hanging accessories to be fixed by using this buckle.

Injection molding process is also used to produce plastic swing seat and other products

PE hanging rope

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10.Weave nest

Weaving net refers to the production of the nest swing seat parts, before production will be based on the size and structure of the nest swing production structure chart, we have experienced workers according to the structure chart attached to the size and rope length to prepare the woven net. In the video, you can clearly see the netting process

11.Rope assemble

Assembling rope is to assemble the woven nest completed in the previous step into the swing steel tube frame, and adjust the structure of the woven nest, elasticity, pattern design, etc. according to our product production requirements.

PE winding rope

12.Hotting knot

After the successful installation of the woven nest, in order to fix the rope through the steel tube frame of the swing, we use the hot knot technique, like the video shows: fixed pe net rope.

NBR Foam Nest Swing


After product QC and assembly, we package according to customer’s customized requirements. The following two videos show single product packaging and customer’s requested palletized shipping method

Table of Contents

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Nest-swing-wholesale-catalog Guide to Nest Swing

Nest swing also called bird nest swing, saucer swing, and web net swing is a kids outdoor toys that hang in the trees, on the swing set, and in other places. Because of its high load-bearing, easy-to-hang, large play area, and high-security features loved by children and parents.


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