60CM Garden Kids Nest Swing Chair

About this product:

60cm nest swing chair is a classic garden swing product, the main materials are pe rope – hanging rope and seat, steel – steel pipe, EPE foam – steel pipe cover.

Product size: diameter 60cm, adjustable height:max height 180cm
Steel tube:dia 25×0.8mm; Rope seat:dia 5mm; Rope suspension:dia 10mm PE rope (black color)

Wonderland sport is a manufacturer of hanging nest swings and can provide custom OEM services, with 18 years of experience in swing production.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 62 × 6 × 62 cm
Product Name

60cm net rope hanging chair nest saucer swing


PE rope



Package and Dimensions

1Set/ inner box; 3Sets/ brown box. 78*42*22cm

Item Weight

GW: 9.5KG NW: 8.5KG


OEM Applicablebaby

Product Description

◊ Product Improvement

PE Rope Protec Protection aluminum tube

Wonderland Sport team Improve the structure of the PE nest swing chair, in the mesh rope hole at the steel tube, The aluminum tube is added to the netting hole, please check the picture below to improve the safety of the nest swing, and protect the health of children who play on the garden swing

swing aluminum tube
swing aluminum tube









EPE Foam Screwless hole design

To prevent cracking and tearing of EPE Steel tube cover. We have improved the design of epe foam tube to increase the using life of the foam tube.

EPE Foam screwless

◊ Patent and Certification

Patent: Nest swing chair to reduce product cost and improve product competitiveness.


Before Wonderland Sport developed the EPE foam cover nest swing, In order to protect children from bumps, manufacturers will wind the protective layer outside the swing steel tube, this manual winding method will make the product cost increase and the price increases. Therefore, we invented a new structure, the production of nest swing will be divided into four steel tubes, add EPE foam cover and then link, so that the product protection is enhanced, but also to reduce the cost of the product so that the new swing more competitive market!

Certification: GS(TUV)

60cm nest swing patent.pdf

◊ Detachable design and shipping

To meet the customer requirements for portability and ease of assembly, we improve this swing so that it comes apart. We use eye bolt structure to make disassembly a reality.

eyebolt strew

At the same time, the detachable design also enhances the shipping capacity. 20GP container, for example, could hold 1212 pieces before. The detachable design allows for 3732 pieces to be shipped. Reduced transportation costs.



Of course, the detachable design requires consumers to get the product to assemble themselves.

60cm nest swing banner 60cm nest swing Parameters


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