Detachable Design 40Inch Tree Nest Swing For Kid

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This classic nest swing chair is structured with Hot-Rope and Eyebolt Screw. Our round nest swing passed ASTM F963 and GS certification, suitable for children over 3 years old play. Nest swing diameter of 100 cm, adjustable hanging rope up to 180 cm. seat braided mesh made of 5 mm diameter PE rope, custom colors. Heavy duty loading, safe and harmless material.


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Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 75 × 10 × 41 cm
Product Name

Detachable Design 40Inch Tree Nest Swing For Kid


PE Rope and EPP Foam



Package and Dimensions

1set/inner box, 4sets/brown carton

Item Weight



OEM Applicablebaby

Product Description

◊ Environmentally friendly and high-quality materials

the main material of this spider nest swing is PE rope, EPP foam.
EPP foam: polypropylene plastic foam, is a highly crystalline polymer/gas composite material with excellent performance, with its unique and superior performance to become the fastest growing new environmentally friendly pressure-resistant cushioning material.
A performance of EPP foam
EPP products have very excellent shock absorption performance, high recovery rate after deformation, very good heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, and thermal insulation, in addition, their lightweight can significantly reduce the weight of items. epp is also an environmentally friendly material, not only can be recycled and reused, and can be naturally degraded, and will not cause white pollution.
PE rope: PE rope is PE polyethylene rope and cable. PE is called polyethylene-polyethylene, polyethylene is divided into two kinds of low molecular weight and high molecular weight, low molecular weight is generally liquid, colorless, tasteless, insoluble in water, the density of 0.92 g/cm3, can do lubricating oil and coating; the high molecular weight is generally solid, milky white, thermoplastic, wax feeling, density in 0.92 ~ 0.96 g/cm3 between. It is corrosion resistant and has good insulating properties. High-density polyethylene has the characteristics of rigidity, hardness, and mechanical strength, and can be used as containers and pipes, as well as high-frequency electrical insulation materials for radar and television.

◊ Detachable design

This nest hammock swing chair picture shows the detachable model, using the eyebolt screw structure, this structure allows consumers to carry more easily, and disassemble, while the capacity can be greater. eyebolt screw structure loading capacity can be up to two to three times the traditional structure.


Eyebolt EN71 Certification

ASTM Certification

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