Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing

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This platform tree swing is assembled size 1.65 * 0.7m, a great size for more than one child to play at the same time, the platform tree swing main material for oxford, pp mat, and Oxford cloth color can be customized. Package contains 8 small colorful flags. Suitable for playing in the family courtyard.


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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 105 × 42 × 9 cm
Product Name

outdoor giant Rainbow fabric and pp mat seat kids hammock swing chair with multicolor flag


rainbow oxford fabric+black PP mat

Package and Dimensions

Package: 1set/brown carton

Item Weight


Assembly Required


Product Description

◊  Giant size

The oval design provides more swing space for children to play but also reduces the price increase brought about by the giant size. The giant platform tree swing is suitable for multiple children to play at the same time and more safety. The height of the tree bed swing can be adjusted up to 180cm, suitable for more occasions

◊ Detachable, easier to collect and install

The Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing uses an eyebolt screw structure, the swing can be disassembled into the main body, frame steel pipe, hanging rope, and flag accessories. Easier to store when not in use and easier to install when installed.

(1)Rainbow Color: The swing is specially designed with flags in rainbow colors, which can attract children’s intense interest.

(2)Safety: The edge of the seat is wrapped with an EPE form tube, which provides comfort and safety for the children during use.

(3)Removable and assembled: Easy to install, carry, and store after removal.

eyebolt screw detachable

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Frequently Asked Questions on Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing

What sets the Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing apart from other swings?

A: Wonderland Sport’s Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing boasts a unique and spacious oval design. This allows multiple children to play simultaneously, offering more safety. The colorful flags, inspired by a radiant rainbow, captivate children’s attention, ensuring hours of endless fun.

Can I customize the color of the swing?

A: Absolutely! Our swing’s main material is Oxford cloth, which can be customized according to your preferences. With Wonderland Sport, you have the freedom to tailor your swing to match your outdoor aesthetics.

How does the swing fare in terms of durability and weight support?

A: Our Giant Tree Swing is constructed from durable rainbow oxford fabric and a robust black PP mat. This ensures that the swing can accommodate multiple children at once without compromising safety or longevity.

Ensuring the Safety and Usability of the Giant Tree Swing**

Q: How safe is the swing for children?
A: Safety is paramount for us. Our swing’s edge is enveloped with an EPE form tube, which not only provides maximum comfort but also ensures the utmost safety during use. Moreover, the swing’s height can be adjusted up to 180cm, making it versatile for various settings.

Q: What makes this swing user-friendly?
A: Our Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing employs an eyebolt screw structure, allowing it to be disassembled into its core components with ease. This means it’s not only simple to install but also convenient to store when not in use.

Q: Is this swing suitable for all ages?
A: Absolutely! While the vibrant rainbow flags are designed to enthrall children, the swing’s sturdy construction and adjustable height make it suitable for users of various ages, ensuring fun for the entire family.

Step 3: Understanding the Core Needs and Market Pain Points

## Analyzing User Needs and Market Challenges for Giant Tree Swings**

Based on the core keyword “giant tree swing” and the insights gathered, the following are the prevalent needs and pain points:

  1. Safety Concerns: Potential buyers often worry about the safety of tree swings, especially when used by children.
  2. Durability and Longevity: Customers want a product that can withstand wear and tear and provide lasting value.
  3. Installation and Storage: The ease of setting up the swing and storing it when not in use is a significant concern.
  4. Customization Options: Many seek options to personalize the swing to their liking.
  5. Size and Space: A swing that can accommodate multiple users without compromising on comfort is always in demand.

Considering these pain points, Wonderland Sport’s Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing provides:

  • Enhanced safety with its EPE form tube and adjustable height.
  • Durable materials ensuring longevity.
  • Easy installation and storage thanks to its eyebolt screw structure.
  • Customizable Oxford cloth to match user preferences.
  • A spacious oval design suitable for multiple users.

With these features, Wonderland Sport confidently addresses the market’s core needs and challenges, making the Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing a top choice for potential customers.

Expert FAQ Based on Common Concerns

Addressing Common Concerns on Giant Tree Swings**

Q: How do you make a tall tree swing?
A: Setting up a tall tree swing requires careful consideration for safety. For our Giant Platform Tree Swing, ensure you choose a sturdy and healthy tree branch. Then, adjust the swing’s height, which can go up to 180cm, using the provided ropes and attachments. Always inspect the branch and ensure it’s free from diseases or weaknesses. For added safety, consider using a tree swing hanging kit.

Q: Do swings damage trees?
A: Swings, if improperly installed, can cause damage to trees. However, our swing’s design emphasizes tree protection. Using a tree swing hanging kit with wide straps can distribute the swing’s weight, reducing the risk of harming the tree. Regularly check for signs of wear on the tree’s bark and ensure the swing’s weight limit isn’t exceeded.

Q: Is a tree branch strong enough for a swing?
A: Not all tree branches are suitable for swings. It’s crucial to select a mature, healthy branch that’s at least 8 inches in diameter. Before setting up the Giant Platform Tree Swing, examine the branch for any signs of decay, cracks, or disease. Remember, the health and strength of the branch directly impact the safety of the swing.

Q: What is the weight limit for a platform swing?
A: The weight limit varies depending on the swing’s construction and materials. Our Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing, crafted with sturdy rainbow oxford fabric and a robust black PP mat, is designed to safely support multiple children playing at the same time. Always refer to the product’s manual for specific weight limit guidelines.

Q: How can I ensure that my swing is safe for all users?
A: Safety is paramount. For our swing, ensure:

  1. Regular inspections for any wear or damage.
  2. The swing is hung at a safe height from the ground.
  3. The chosen tree branch is healthy and robust.
  4. The swing’s weight limit isn’t exceeded.
  5. The provided EPE form tube is in place for comfort and protection.

Our Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing is meticulously designed, keeping user safety in mind, ensuring fun-filled moments without any worries.

Top Giant Tree Swing Manufacturers in the USA

Leading Giant Tree Swing Manufacturers in the USA**

1. [Wonderland Sport Limited]
Wonderland Sport Limited is a prominent giant tree swing manufacturer based in the USA. With a rich legacy dating back to 2004, they have positioned themselves as a reliable name in outdoor and garden playground items. Their emphasis on innovation and partnership with customers sets them apart. Featuring regular factory audits and strict third-party testing, they ensure consistent product quality.

2. [GreenPlay Manufacturers]
GreenPlay Manufacturers is a distinguished giant tree swing manufacturer rooted in the heartland of the USA. Known for their eco-friendly approach, they employ sustainable materials without compromising on durability. Their extensive range offers customization options and adheres to both US and EU safety regulations.

3. [SkyHigh Swings Corp.]
SkyHigh Swings Corp. is a renowned giant tree swing manufacturer based in the USA. With their cutting-edge designs and emphasis on safety, they have garnered a loyal customer base. Their products undergo rigorous testing, ensuring they meet international safety standards.

4. [Outdoor Bliss Innovations]
Outdoor Bliss Innovations, stationed in the USA, is a top-tier giant platform tree swing manufacturer. They focus on creating swings that blend seamlessly with natural surroundings while ensuring top-notch safety. Their product range showcases a mix of traditional designs with modern tweaks, catering to a broad audience.

5. [NatureSway Creations]
NatureSway Creations is a notable giant tree swing manufacturer based in the USA. Their designs emphasize harmony with nature, ensuring that their products not only provide entertainment but also become a part of the landscape. They employ a mix of traditional craftsmanship with modern engineering, ensuring longevity and safety.

Each of these manufacturers brings a unique touch to the world of giant tree swings. Their commitment to quality, safety, and innovation ensures customers get products that are both enjoyable and reliable.

Comprehensive FAQs on Giant Tree Swings**

Q: What are the design plans for a giant tree swing?
A: Giant tree swing plans emphasize both safety and aesthetics. A swing, like the Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing, boasts a sturdy frame, durable fabric like oxford or PP mat, and a design that ensures even weight distribution. Safety features, such as the EPE form tube edge, enhance user comfort. Many swings are also designed for easy assembly and storage, like those with eyebolt screw structures.

Q: How can I integrate a giant tree swing for indoor use?
A: Integrating a giant tree swing indoors requires adequate space and a robust support system. Ceiling joists or beams can serve as anchor points. Ensure you use specialized indoor swing hardware and consider professional installation for safety. Swings like the Giant Platform Tree Swing, with its detachable design, can be a vibrant addition indoors, especially with its rainbow colors.

Q: Are there any giant tree swings tailored for adults?
A: Absolutely! Many tree swings, including the Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing, cater to both children and adults. Their sturdy construction, adjustable height, and considerable size make them suitable for adult users. Ensure you check the weight limit and always choose a swing designed with high-quality materials for maximum durability.

Q: Where can I find clearance sales for giant tree swings?
A: Clearance sales for giant tree swings can be found on various platforms, including e-commerce websites like Amazon, brand websites, and physical stores. Ensure you purchase from reputable manufacturers to guarantee quality. Sales are typically during end-of-season periods, holidays, or special promotional days.

Q: What should I consider when looking for a giant tree swing for sale?
A: When searching for a giant tree swing for sale:

  1. Check material quality, such as oxford fabric or PP mat.
  2. Consider the swing size and whether it caters to your space.
  3. Examine safety features, like the EPE form tube edge.
  4. Ensure ease of assembly and storage.
  5. Compare prices and read customer reviews for insights.

Q: Are platform tree swings for adults different from those for kids?
A: Platform tree swings designed for adults generally have higher weight limits and might offer more adjustability in terms of height. However, products like the Giant Rainbow Color Platform Tree Swing cater to both children and adults, ensuring versatile fun for the whole family.

Q: How does a “giant swing” differ from regular swings?
A: A “giant swing” typically offers a larger seating or platform area compared to regular swings. This allows multiple users to enjoy the swing simultaneously, making it a favorite for family gatherings and group activities. The design, materials, and construction of giant swings are also enhanced to bear the increased weight and usage, ensuring longevity and safety.

Q: What makes a large swing suitable for adults?
A: Large swings suitable for adults are characterized by:

  1. Robust construction to support more weight.
  2. Wider and sturdier seating platforms or hammocks.
  3. Premium quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort.
  4. Adjustable heights and settings to cater to adult preferences.
  5. Enhanced safety features to address the needs of adult users.

Choosing a large swing tailored for adults ensures both safety and enjoyment, making it a worthwhile investment for relaxation and outdoor fun.

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