Outdoor Plastic Kids Tree Swing Seat

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The rope of this tree swing seat for children is made of polyester fiber, which is strong and difficult to break. The U-shaped seat on this children’s plastic swing makes it more pleasant to sit on. The seat of the outdoor plastic swing is composed of lightweight, durable plastic and is anti-slip. The plastic swing has movable ropes that you can modify to suit your own requirements. Additionally, the ropes have auto-leveling. The outdoor swing is easy to set up and operate, making it ideal for outside spaces like patios, treehouses, playgrounds, etc.


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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 4 cm

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Specification: Plastic combined with polyester fiber. Color: custom available. 42x16cm in size.
Because it is made with a strong and durable polyester fiber rope, this playground swing for children is safe to use.
The plastic tree swing seat has a plastic, anti-slip seat and is sturdy to use. The U-shaped seat makes this kids plastic swing more comfortable to sit on.
The plastic swing is easy to operate, has automatic leveling ropes, and can be adjusted.
The outdoor swing is lovely and enjoyable to use, adding priceless and amusing memories to your child’s childhood.

This sturdy, waterproof rectangular swing board is composed of high-quality processed plastic. It is extremely simple to adjust the height of the swing seat: just loosen the knot in the rope or, if mounted with a hook and eye, keep pulling the rope through on both sides at the same height. Our plastic tree swing seat resists the elements because it is made of high-quality, UV-stable plastic. The rope is composed entirely of polypropylene, is incredibly strong, and can be lengthened with simple hand motions. Our board swing will therefore grow with your child for a number of years. The swing can be attached to common swing frames or climbing towers due to the integrated steel rings.
Plastic board swing constructed with red
Size: approximately 42 x 16cm For children between the ages of 3 and 8, the maximum user weight is 50 kg
Swing for kids made of weather-resistant plastic
Height-adjustable swing
including a 180 cm hanging rope
Weather-resilient rope and seat

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