Best 40 Inch Saucer Tree Swing For Kids Outdoor

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The saucer tree swing also named the web swing chair, is commonly used in parks and other outdoor playgrounds, a children’s toy, and its size is 40inch (100cm), with an adjustable maximum height of 180cm. 7mm colored PE rope for swing seat(can be customized colors). Our regular packaging of this Flying Saucer Tree Swing is 1 set/brown carton. saucer tree swing provides a wonderful play space for children. Children can sit or lie on it, parents or friends can push the swing forward, and you can enjoy the feeling of flying in the air. Compared with the previous style, this saucer tree swings with a colored seat design and supports custom colors, the Heavy Duty Saucer Swing steel frame is covered by 7mm pe rope, heavy-duty, and durable.


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 75 × 29.5 × 10 cm
Product Name

Best 40 Inch Saucer Tree Swing For Kids Outdoor


PE, Steel

Package and Dimensions

Package:1set/brown carton


OEM Applicablebaby

Product Description

Wonderland sport is an outdoor toy manufacturer and our saucer tree swing has a great advantage. We provide better solutions at every step of the swing OEM project, from the raw materials to packaging and shipping. Over the past 18 years, we have worked closely with our customers, whether they are small start-ups or large supermarkets such as Aldi, Walmart, etc. We have been able to provide a good service.Product features:1. Large load capacity: The saucer tree swing is made of environmentally friendly PE rope.

Products need to comply with the United States ASTM F963 & ASTM F1148 standards, PE lanyards, and hanging straps must be environmentally friendly, anti-UV, phthalic 7P, total lead, and heavy metals can not exceed the standard and PAHS standards.

2. High-quality requirements: we will list the quality requirements of the product according to the actual situation before production, whether it is the main body of the swing or swing accessories, we have detailed requirements. Among them, such accessories requirements:

(1) Steel tube punching to do guide round anti-cut treatment. 

(2) Steel pipe joints and perforations must be coated with an anti-rust zinc layer and an anti-rust treatment.

(3) The lanyard’s rough edge must be cleaned up.

(4) Screw holes are strictly forbidden to be misplaced.

(5) The surface of the product is not damaged, with no stain.  

(6) Net rope hot knot firm, smooth.    

Testing requirements:

(1) Products need to comply with the United States ASTM F963 or ASTM F1148 standards

(2) PE lanyards and hanging belts must be environmentally friendly, anti-UV, o-benzene 7P, and total lead, and heavy metals must not exceed the standard, PAHS standards.   

3. Color design: this swing seat support custom colors, and color design.

4. Product certification: this saucer tree swing according to ASTM standards to produce, can pass the relevant tests, we can also assist customers with product certification.

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