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All kids will enjoy using the commercial nest swing or web swing seat, which is a piece of inclusive play equipment. The swing is shaped like a spherical dish, and users can sit or lie down on it while holding onto the web-styled armed rope. amazing for all skill levels.


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Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 106 × 106 × 8 cm

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One of the most well-liked swings in the park is the birds nest web swing, which is great for kids of all ages to swing or relax on. Excellent for parks, schools, or special needs institutions. Commercial Grade, TUV CERTIFIED. max weight of 600 kg
A new and stronger design is the KBT nest swing “rosette.” It comes in 1000 mm and 1200 mm in diameter sizes. The stainless steel chain on the top end of the armed rope suspension ropes allows for adjustment of the suspension length. The shackles are constructed from premium stainless steel. The clip rings are all made out of aluminum.
All KBT products have received approval in accordance with the most recent European directives and laws.
Rheinland Pl Tuv
Product Information
product line
Use in business > Swinging
Product TypeNest swings, Swinging, Commercial Use
Height: 120 mm x Diameter: 1200 mm Type of beam
max 2,40 m
100 cm swinging bird’s nest with public certificates 100-centimeter swing ring for playgrounds and kindergartens Eagle’s nest certification with a diameter of 1000 mm in accordance with EN1176. All kids adore this enormous swing, which can fit up to five kids and is safe for swinging for kids between the ages of three and fifteen. according to EN 1176, certified.

Wonderland Sport: More than just a name, it’s a promise of boundless excitement and memories. When it comes to outdoor fun, there’s no better partner than us. Introducing our star product, the Outdoor Playground Children Climbing Rope Spider Nest Commercial Swing. Meticulously crafted, this unique swing brings the magic of the outdoors to your very own patio. Let the adventure begin!

Product Spotlight: Bird Nest Swing

Remember those simple swings from childhood? It’s time for an upgrade. The Bird Nest Swing from Wonderland Sport is not just any swing. Designed with a touch of modernity, it encapsulates a universe of fun in its bird nest design.

  • Unique Design: Modeled to resemble a bird’s nest, it not only provides a comfy seat but also ensures safety.
  • Durability: Made of high-quality metal and PE Rope, it promises a long-lasting experience of fun.
  • A Fit for Every Setting: Whether it’s your living room, a hotel’s leisure facility, or an outdoor school playground, our swing is versatile.

Why settle for the mundane when you can have the extraordinary? Dive into a world of unparalleled fun with our Bird Nest Swing.

FAQ Based on Product Description

1. What makes the Wonderland Sport’s Bird Nest Swing perfect for outdoor settings?

From its sturdy material to its UV-resistant design, the Bird Nest Swing is tailor-made for the outdoors. It’s crafted to withstand varying weather conditions and promises durability and longevity. The design also blends seamlessly with natural surroundings, making it a visual treat.

2. Is the Bird Nest Swing suitable for commercial spaces?

Absolutely! Its modern design aligns well with commercial spaces like hotels, leisure facilities, and more. Plus, its durability ensures it can handle frequent use, making it a great addition to any commercial setting.

3. Why should I choose the Bird Nest Swing over traditional swings?

The Bird Nest Swing isn’t just about swinging; it’s about experiencing joy in a new way. The unique nest design offers a broader seating area, making it suitable for multiple kids. Its modern look adds aesthetic value to your space. Moreover, its superior build quality promises safety and longevity.

Analyzing User Needs and Market Pain Points Using Core Keywords

The term Bird Nest Swing resonates with a sense of comfort, uniqueness, and fun. Analyzing this core keyword, we deduce:

  • User Needs:
    • Desire for a modern twist to traditional swings.
    • Need for safe yet exciting outdoor play equipment.
    • A swing that aligns with contemporary home décor.
  • Market Pain Points:
    • Lack of innovative designs in swings.
    • Compromised safety in many modern swing designs.
    • Durability concerns in outdoor play equipment.

Addressing Common Concerns

1. Why is the Bird Nest Swing considered a luxury or expensive item?

The Bird Nest Swing, with its unparalleled design and superior build quality, stands apart from conventional swings. Its unique design, robust material, and versatile application make it a premium product, ensuring the user gets value for every penny spent.

2. What makes the Bird Nest Swing’s design reminiscent of the whippoorwill’s song?

Though our Bird Nest Swing doesn’t directly correlate with the whippoorwill’s song, its design evokes a sense of nature, serenity, and freedom, much like the melodious song of the bird.

Bird Nest Swing – A Deep Dive

Craftsmanship and creativity lie at the core of the Bird Nest Swing. With an emphasis on both form and function, it promises a swinging experience unlike any other. Its large, net-like structure allows for an array of seating positions, ensuring every ride is unique.

  • Dimensional Precision: At a considerable Dia. 180cm/71 inches, it offers ample space for kids and even adults to lounge in.
  • Safety First: Every aspect, from its metal frame to its PE Rope, is geared towards ensuring a safe swinging experience.
  • Customizability: The swing comes in a default blue shade, but don’t let that limit your imagination! It’s customizable to match your specific preferences or the theme of your playground or patio.
  • Easy Maintenance: The materials used ensure a rust-free and wear-resistant experience. A simple wipe down is all it needs to look brand new.

With every swing, embark on a new journey, a new story, and a new memory.

Bird Nest Swing Manufacturers in the USA

1. Wonderland Sport – Zhejiang, China

Wonderland Sport stands out as a leading manufacturer in the outdoor play equipment industry. Based in Zhejiang, China, they have consistently prioritized innovation and quality. Their Bird Nest Swing is a testament to their commitment to excellence and creativity. Each swing undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring not just hours but years of fun.

(Note: Due to a knowledge cut-off in September 2021, I don’t have data on four other leading manufacturers specific to the Bird Nest Swing. However, this is how you’d approach writing about them using the given format.)

1. How does a round hanging swing differ from the Bird Nest Swing?

A round hanging swing typically refers to a circular swing with a solid or cushioned seat. It’s ideal for lounging and offers a different swinging dynamic. In contrast, the Bird Nest Swing, with its net-like structure, allows for versatile seating positions and can often accommodate multiple users, making it perfect for communal play.

2. Can the swinging nest be installed indoors?

Absolutely! The Bird Nest Swing, while designed for outdoor use, can seamlessly fit into spacious indoor settings like living rooms or indoor play areas. Ensure that the ceiling is sturdy enough to handle the swing’s weight and the dynamic load of swinging.

3. What makes a circle swing outdoor suitable?

The circular design of swings like the Bird Nest Swing makes them perfect for outdoor settings. Their shape allows for panoramic views, ensuring users can enjoy their surroundings to the fullest. Additionally, their design often includes weather-resistant materials, making them suitable for various outdoor conditions.

4. Are round outdoor swings safe for children?

Safety largely depends on the build quality and installation. A well-manufactured swing like the Bird Nest Swing from Wonderland Sport ensures a safe experience due to its robust materials and design. Proper installation and regular maintenance further enhance safety.

5. What’s the weight capacity of nest swings?

The Bird Nest Swing from Wonderland Sport boasts a weight capacity that can comfortably hold multiple children or even adults, with an item weight of 16.52KG/36.4LB. However, always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safety.

6. Are nest swings suitable for adults?

Absolutely! Nest swings, especially those of larger diameters like the Bird Nest Swing, are designed to hold significant weight, making them suitable for adults. Their unique design ensures a comfortable and relaxing experience, even for bigger individuals.

Addressing Common Concerns

1. Why is the bird nest swing perceived as expensive?

The perceived cost of the bird nest swing is often due to the high-quality materials used, intricate craftsmanship, and the safety standards it adheres to. Every element, from its sturdy metal frame to the robust PE Rope, is selected with longevity and durability in mind. Additionally, the versatile design, which can accommodate multiple users and offer diverse seating positions, adds to its value. Think of it as an investment in countless hours of joy and memories.

2. Which bird sings “whippoorwill”?

The bird that sings the characteristic “whippoorwill” song is, indeed, the Whippoorwill. This nocturnal bird is known for its continuous and hauntingly repetitive call, especially during spring and summer evenings.

3. Can I move a bird’s nest if it’s in the way of installing the swing?

It’s essential to exercise caution here. In many places, especially in the USA, it’s illegal to disturb or move bird nests if they are occupied. If you find a nest, it’s best to wait for the chicks to fledge and the nest to be abandoned before moving it. If urgent, consult local wildlife experts.

4. Do male or female birds build the nest?

This varies by species. In many bird species, the female takes on the primary role of building the nest, ensuring it’s comfortable and safe for her eggs. However, in some species, both the male and female collaborate, while in others, the male might take the lead.

5. Which birds nest on the ground?

Many bird species nest on the ground, including quails, plovers, and some sparrows. Ground-nesting is an evolutionary trait that works best for these birds, but it does mean their nests are more vulnerable to predators.

6. Which bird makes a hanging nest?

One of the most renowned birds for creating a hanging nest is the Weaver Bird. These master architects weave intricate nests that hang from tree branches, offering protection from predators.

7. Where do songbirds typically nest?

Songbirds, or passerines, can nest in various locations, depending on the species. These can range from tree branches, shrubs, ledges, to even man-made structures. Their nests vary in complexity, from simple cup-shaped designs to more elaborate structures.

8. Where does bird’s nest soup originate from?

Bird’s nest soup is a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. It is made from the edible nests of swiftlets, primarily the Edible-nest Swiftlet. These nests are made from the bird’s saliva, which solidifies when exposed to air. This delicacy is believed to have various health benefits and is often associated with luxury and prestige.

Setting up your Bird Nest Swing

Setting up your Bird Nest Swing is a straightforward process, but there are essential points to keep in mind. Ensure you select a location that is free from obstructions. The swing should be installed on a sturdy branch or an alternative structure that can support its weight, along with the dynamic weight of swinging. Regularly check all fastenings and the swing’s overall condition to ensure safety.

This comprehensive guide offers an insight into the exquisite Bird Nest Swing, ensuring users can make an informed decision. Swing into the world of fun, laughter, and memories with Wonderland Sport!

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