Backyard Outdoor Web Rider Swing With Pillow

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Kids, let’s go outside! Do your children play video games and watch TV a lot? They might simply be expressing the desire for “something more fascinating.” They will enjoy the outdoors and spend more time with you if you install a saucer platform swing in your garden or yard. The goal of Web Rider Swing With Pillow is that is secure, robust, and long-lasting. Strong frameworks made of metal and heavy ropes are used. The swing passed the tüv Rheinland certificated. Years of enjoyment are guaranteed with wear- and aging-resistant pp and synthetic fabric. Strong stainless steel swivel eye hooks enable 360° rotation without twisting. pillow added to increase comfort. Connectors made of sturdy plastic make assembly even simpler. For hanging on various surfaces, straps, carabiners, and a swivel eye hook are included. Swing height adjustments are simple.


Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 74.5 × 7.5 × 37.5 cm

Product Description

Take this saucer mat swing to swing into adventure! Kids may securely ride into action on this swing for hours of excitement. It has a cozy round seat, two reliable hanging suspension points, and detachable flags for added festivity. It has enough space for you to get inside and spin, bounce, or twist while having fun with friends or the whole family! Adults can participate in the fun and make a ton of wonderful memories.

  • Install this saucer swing in your backyard and enjoy hearing your children giggling loudly as they swing back and forth and “fly” high and low. To transform your garden into a children’s paradise, all you need is a flying saucer swing.
  • For our children, safety is important. This secure swing is made of sturdy PP, enduring synthetic fabric, 9 mm ropes, lockable carabiners, and a steel swivel hook.
  • The swing is roomy and comfortable for your child to stretch out and enjoy swinging to their heart’s content, or, if he’d want to invite his small companion to share the fun. It has a huge span, seat, and padded edge.
  • Your eager child is itching to check out his new swing? No issue. You can put up this tree swing quickly and take in your child’s giggles because it comes with all the necessary components.
  • Remember the good times you had swinging in your backyard as a child? Give your little ones this saucer swing, and you’ll make a wonderful childhood memory that will live on in their hearts as well.Color: multicolor

    Seat material: high quality polyester, weatherproof and wear-resistant,Maximum load: up to 150 kg,Seat diameter: 100cm,

    Age of child: +3 years

    Fastening: with metal wheels,

    Packaging: reinforced brown shipping carton,

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