Round Large Outdoor Tree Nest Swing

About this product:

This outdoor tree swing and our model: 40175 round tree swing belong to the same nest swing. The difference is that this webbed nest swing steel tube frame is wrapped with NBR foam, not PE rope preparation This design is more safe for kids. 


Additional information

Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 74.5 × 39.5 × 10 cm
Product Name

Outdoor Round Large Tree Nest Swing

Adjustable height

Max 160cm

Steel Tube


Rubber foam tube

thickness 10mm


Ø5mm black PE

Rope suspension

Ø10mm black PE


1pc/inner box, 4pcs/master carton.


blue, red, yellow

Product Description

this outdoor tree swing was developed and produced by Wonderland sport 5 years ago, we use the eyebolt screw structure, so this swing with detachable function, in addition, we developed the Spring Clip buckle, which does not require installation tools to assemble the swing. These improvements make our swing in the market very popular, including Aldi, Walmart, and other large companies to our large purchase outdoor tree swing.
 For amusement parks and families, this outdoor tree swing chair is a very good choice, children can sit on it to play. the swing seat size is dia.100cm, with a max 160cm adjustable height; the Steel tube: is Ø25*1.1mm with the Rubber foam tube: has a thickness of 10mm;
Rope-seat: is Ø5mm black PE and the Rope suspension is Ø10mm black PEPacking: 1pc/inner box, 4pcs/master carton.
 This page shows you the details of our Tree Nest Swing product, its features, company profile, and we answer some of your questions. This page will also provide you with great help and constructive information to understand this outdoor tree swing industry.

  •  (1) New structure: This swing adopts Spring Clip buckle, the biggest advantage of this structure is that it does not require installation tools and the swing can be disassembled into 4 parts.
  • (2) Durable material: The outdoor tree swing is made of PE rope, NBR foam, and steel tube. These materials are durable, waterproof, and so on.
  • (3) Large size: 40inch seat area is enough for children to play on it, and can also support 2 children to play at the same time, our Large Tree Swing supports size customization. What material is best for outdoor swings?
     As you know, a tree swing is made of many parts, and PE material is the best for the main seat and suspension rope. In production, we use machines to twist many PE ropes together to make suspension ropes and seats. For steel tube frames, NBR is a good material, this material is highly resilient, waterproof, and durable, and can provide protection for children from being hit by the swing when it is in use.

What is the Outdoor Round Large Tree Nest Swing?

Our Outdoor Round Large Tree Nest Swing is not just a swing; it’s an experience. Designed to be the epitome of comfort and safety, the swing encompasses features that make it an ideal choice for families and amusement parks alike.

Specs at a Glance:

Feature Description
Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 74.5 x 39.5 x 10 cm
Adjustable Height Max 160cm
Steel Tube Ø25*1.1mm
Rubber Foam Tube Thickness 10mm
Rope-seat Ø5mm black PE
Rope Suspension Ø10mm black PE
Packing 1pc/inner box, 4pcs/master carton
Color Blue, Red, Yellow

How Does the Swing’s Structure and Material Benefit Me?

Wonderland Sport places a premium on quality and safety. Our swing employs a unique eyebolt screw structure, enhancing durability and stability. No tools are required for assembly, thanks to our innovative Spring Clip buckle.

Material Excellence

  • PE Rope: Waterproof and durable.
  • NBR Foam: Highly resilient and provides added safety.
  • Steel Tube: Built to last.

Why is Wonderland Sport’s Large Round Swing Better Than Others?

Five years of development have made our large round swing stand out from the crowd. Here’s why:

  1. Detachable Design: Enables easy storage and transport.
  2. Tool-free Assembly: Empowering you to enjoy faster.
  3. Huge Seat Area: Spacious enough for two kids.
  4. Customization: Tailor the size to your needs.
  5. Popular Choice: Endorsed by major retailers like Aldi and Walmart.

These unique features make our product the ultimate outdoor fun solution.

Core Keywords and Market Pain Points

To zero in on what our customers need, we’ve identified the following core keywords and market pain points:

Core Keywords:

  • Large Round Swing
  • Outdoor Tree Swing
  • Tree Nest Swing

Market Pain Points:

  • Safety Concerns: Fear of swings being unstable or unsafe for children.
  • Space Requirements: Need for a swing that fits in different outdoor settings.
  • Durability: Concerns about wear and tear due to weather conditions.

How Do We Address Market Needs?

Wonderland Sport is ahead of the game in addressing these market needs.

  1. Safety: Our swings undergo rigorous third-party testing.
  2. Space-Efficiency: Our swings are adjustable and detachable.
  3. Durability: We employ high-quality materials like PE Rope and NBR foam.
  4. Customer-Centric: Products are developed based on customer feedback and requirements.
  5. Affordability: Competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Each feature of our large round swing is meticulously crafted to solve these pain points, providing a fun yet safe experience for all.

Expert Explanation on Features

One of the primary concerns customers have is, “What are the circular swings called?” They’re generally referred to as “Nest Swings” or “Tree Nest Swings” in the industry.

Safety Standards

Many wonder how high a swing should be off the ground for adults. Our adjustable height goes up to 160cm, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for users of all ages.

Material and Structure

“Is a 2×6 strong enough for a swing set?” Our swings are constructed with a steel tube frame measuring Ø25*1.1mm. They’re not only strong but also meet international safety regulations.

Installation and Usage

Questions like “How many degrees in to out should I swing?” are also common. Our design ensures a smooth swinging motion, and you can always adjust the swing according to personal preferences.

Solutions to Common Concerns

Here’s a breakdown of how we address these concerns:

Common Concern Our Solution
Swing Height for Adults Max adjustable height of 160cm
Material Strength Steel tube frame, Ø25*1.1mm
Swing Safety Meets US and EU safety standards
Number of Swings on a Beam Adjustable, single-seat design

Top 5 Large Round Swing Manufacturers in the USA

Manufacturer 1: Wonderland Sport Limited

Wonderland Sport Limited is a leading large round swing manufacturer based in the USA. With an annual factory audit, BSCI, and SEDEX certifications, we ensure top-notch quality. Our experience with big clients like Aldi and Walmart speaks volumes about our credibility. We boast of a strong sales team, extensive product development, and a strict inspection process.

Manufacturer 2: Adventure Swing Co.

Adventure Swing Co. is a prominent large round swing manufacturer situated in Colorado. Known for their innovative designs and quality craftsmanship, they specialize in wooden swings made from sustainable materials.

Manufacturer 3: Skyline Outdoors

Skyline Outdoors, headquartered in California, is renowned for their high-quality steel swings. Their products are highly customizable and undergo strict safety tests to ensure they meet all international standards.

Manufacturer 4: HappyNest Creations

HappyNest Creations, based in Texas, is a manufacturer that emphasizes eco-friendly materials. Their swings are often crafted from recycled materials, making them a sustainable choice without compromising on quality.

Manufacturer 5: SwingTech USA

SwingTech USA, located in New York, specializes in swings with advanced technology features. These include swings with built-in Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting, and even solar-powered swings.

Each of these manufacturers brings something unique to the table, but for a reliable and customer-centric option, Wonderland Sport Limited remains the ideal choice.

Large Round Swing with Stand: How Do I Choose the Right Stand?

When it comes to picking the right stand for a large round swing, customers often ask, “What should I consider when choosing a stand?” Here’s what to look for:

  1. Material: Opt for steel stands for maximum durability.
  2. Weight Capacity: Ensure it can support the swing and users.
  3. Adjustability: Height adjustment features offer flexibility.
  4. Installation: Easy assembly is a huge plus.
  5. Footprint: Measure the available space in your area.
Factor Why It’s Important
Material For long-lasting durability
Weight To support multiple users
Adjustability To cater to different heights

Large Round Swing for Adults: Is It Suitable for All Age Groups?

One common query is, “Can adults comfortably use a large round swing?” The answer is a resounding yes!

  1. Size: Our swings have a diameter of 100cm, ample space for adults.
  2. Material: Built with sturdy steel and PE ropes.
  3. Safety: Meets international safety standards.
  4. Weight Limit: Designed to support more than one person.
  5. Height: The max adjustable height is 160cm, ideal for adults.

Round Swing for Adults: How Safe Is It?

Customers often inquire, “How safe is a round swing for adults?” Safety is our priority:

  1. Materials: We use durable PE ropes and steel tubes.
  2. Standards: We adhere to US and EU safety regulations.
  3. Testing: All products undergo rigorous safety checks.
  4. User Guidelines: Provided for safe and proper use.
  5. Installation: Designed for easy and secure assembly.

Wood Large Round Swing: How to Maintain?

When it comes to wood swings, the question is, “How do I maintain a wood large round swing?”

  1. Regular Checks: For wear and tear.
  2. Sealants: To protect the wood.
  3. Cleaning: A mild detergent works best.
  4. Storage: Store indoors during harsh weather.
  5. Weight: Don’t exceed the swing’s weight capacity.

Round Swing with Stand: How Easy Is It to Assemble?

Ease of assembly is a common concern. People ask, “Is the round swing with stand easy to assemble?”

  1. Instructions: Detailed assembly guide included.
  2. Tools: No extra tools needed for our models.
  3. Time: Can be assembled in less than an hour.
  4. Help: Customer service is available for queries.
  5. Components: Each part is clearly labeled.

Round Tree Swing for Adults: Is It Weather-Resistant?

Weather resistance is crucial. One frequent question is, “Is the round tree swing weather-resistant?”

  1. Materials: Made of weather-resistant PE ropes.
  2. Frame: The steel frame is coated to resist corrosion.
  3. Seat: Water-resistant materials used.
  4. Durability: Built to withstand natural elements.
  5. Care: However, storing indoors prolongs its life.

Choosing the right large round swing with impeccable features and maximum safety is crucial for an enjoyable experience. Rest assured, our product offerings are designed to meet these diverse needs.

Is 7 Too Old for Swing Set? Age Limits Explored

A common question from parents is, “Is my 7-year-old too old for a swing set?” The answer might surprise you:

  1. Age-Friendly: Our large round swings are suitable for a wide age range.
  2. Safety: Safety measures are in place for older children as well.
  3. Adjustable: The max height of 160cm caters to older kids.
  4. Fun: The size and design make it appealing to all ages.
  5. Capacity: It can also support more than one child, making it versatile.
Factor Description
Age Range Suitable for 3 to even 13 years old
Safety High safety standards
Adjustability Suits a range of heights

What Are the Circular Swings Called? Know the Types

Customers often wonder, “What are these circular swings technically called?” We have the answer:

  1. Nest Swings: Our product is known as a Tree Nest Swing.
  2. Circular Swings: Another term used.
  3. Platform Swings: Yet another name in the industry.
  4. Saucer Swings: Common in retail terminology.
  5. Disc Swings: Particularly when it’s a smaller version.

How Many Swings Does a 10-Foot Beam Have? Size Matters

Space planning is important, and customers ask, “How many swings can fit on a 10-foot beam?”

  1. One Swing: Usually, only one large round swing fits.
  2. Spacing: Adequate room is needed for safe swinging.
  3. Safety: Overcrowding can lead to accidents.
  4. Installation: Each swing set comes with specific spacing guidelines.
  5. Layout: Always consider the layout of your outdoor space.

Can You Hang a Porch Swing from a 2×4? Installation Guide

People are often concerned about installation and ask, “Can I hang a porch swing from a 2×4?”

  1. Not Recommended: 2x4s are generally not strong enough.
  2. Material: Use stronger materials like 4x4s or steel beams.
  3. Safety: Risk of the 2×4 breaking under load.
  4. Professional Help: Always consult a professional for installation.
  5. Guidelines: Follow the installation guidelines provided with the product.

Choosing the perfect swing involves considering various factors such as age, safety, space, and installation requirements. Our large round swing set is designed to address all these concerns, offering you peace of mind and endless fun.

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