40Inch Hollow Kids Nest Swing Outdoor

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Kids nest swing is a kind of children’s swing toy, children can sit or lie on it to play. Kids nest swing is suitable for outdoors, in parks, yards, schools, and other places, especially hanging in the outdoor tree, so it is also known as Nest Swing Outdoor, Nest Swing for Tree. Kids nest swing is suitable for 3 + age children and adults Because it is made of high quality 5mm wide PE rope, it can be used with a maximum weight of 400lbs, which allows families to use it together to bring more fun. Unlike the traditional nest swing, the kids nest swing introduced on this page has a hollow design in the middle, why this design? Because the central hollow allows users to pass their legs through it, it is more comfortable to sit on the swing and enjoy more playtime. This hollow diameter of 40inch, maximum adjustable height of 180cm, the swing seat frame metal tube set for 25mm, seats by 5mm PE Rope, and the swing uses the eyebolt screw structure, which supports the swing can be detachable, easy to carry and storage, we support customization package, conventional packaging for 1set/inner box, 4sets/ brown carton also supports logo customization, you can also contact us to get free samples.


Additional information

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 75 × 10 × 41 cm
Product Name

40Inch Hollow Kids Nest Swing Outdoor

Steel tube

Dia 25×1.1mm

Rope seat

Dia 5mm (green color)

Max weight



1set/inner box, 4sets/brown carton

Product Description

Product features.1. Hollow tire design: We have learned the advantages of tire swings and innovative hollow design. To bring more fun and comfort to children, although this design is more complex and more difficult to produce.2. Eyebolt screw design: This design can provide a detachable function, able to split the swing into 4 halves, installation only needs to unfold the swing, using the tools provided in the package will be eyebolts through the swing tube screw holes and tighten the other half to complete the installation. Convenient and fast for you to carry out camping or play when using it.3. 40inch design: Amazon sales data show that the 40inch swing is the highest selling size, but also suitable for family play size, 40inch to provide children with a larger play area.

4. Product safety certification: the product has passed EN71 certification to ensure the safety of children when used correctly, but also can be sold in the children’s toy market.

Wonderland sport is an outdoor toy manufacturer in china, we have more than 18 years of history in the outdoor toy industry, especially in the nest swing product development and production field has accumulated a wealth of experience in the kids nest swing industry with our cooperation brands are Aldi, Walmart, Hearthsong, jungle gym kingdom and so on. We look forward to working with you and growing together.

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1. Project development capabilities: from an idea to project implementation, only six steps of cooperation, our project developer jacky zhang in outdoor toy industry has more than 20 years of experience, with his help, we communicate with you and can quickly propose solutions. Of course, our six-step project completion method can ensure that the project is completed well and quickly.

2. supply chain capability: we have accumulated a lot of supplier resources in the past 18 years, in the outdoor toy industry, especially in the nest swing industry, when you work with us, we are confident to provide accurate, advantageous information and solutions.

3. Professional team members: Our business team is experienced and has excellent language skills. We participate in international toy exhibitions almost every year (except during covid popular), and are able to communicate fluently with customers on-site and understand their needs.

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