2 In 1 High Back Best Outdoor Baby Swing

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With the help of this high-back outdoor baby swing, you can have a lot of fun and laugh with your kids. You can feel secure knowing that your child is in the carrier’s thick adjustable ropes and strong plastic seat. It can be enjoyed by simply hanging it from a tree, a swing hanger, or an amount.
Your little one may swing safely with this luxury baby seat!
The seat features a separate T-piece and safety strap.
It is created using PP injection molding. Galvanized steel is used for the rings and set eights, while plastic welds serve as the rope connections.
It should be noted that this product should only be used with swing hooks that have nylon bearings. You do so at your own risk if you utilize a metal suspension system without a hinged part because of the wear and tear that can result from metal-to-metal abrasion.


Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 66 × 38 × 52 cm

Product Description

An infant tree swing that is fitted with a safety strap and bar to prevent falling forward is available FOR CHILDREN FROM SIX TO THREE YEARS OF AGE. Tipping over is not feasible because of the strong ropes that are linked to the seat’s four ends to create suspension.
OUR TOY GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD IN TWO WAYS – The high back and safety strap are more than sufficient to rock safely starting at age 2, so you can remove the safety bar.
EASY TO ASSEMBLE, ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – The strong polyethylene rope may be adjusted from 150 to 180 cm in length. The swing can be hung from one or two hooks. Perfect for installation in both the garden and the children’s room.
Hang from a specific swing support on the terrace or balcony, a tree branch in the yard, the door frame of the playroom, a hook attached to the porch ceiling, etc. for the BOMBED SEAT WITH ANTI-SLIP SURFACE.
WEATHER RESISTANT – constructed of premium, virgin PE plastic that is weatherproof and simple to clean. Size: roughly 45 by 36 by 38 cm. utilizing smooth polyethylene ropes and stainless steel rings.

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