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Wherever you take this Light New Teslin Fabric Swing, swing and soar! It is adaptable and portable, so you may take it with you on a day trip. Finding a convenient tree and slinging the swing’s robust, easily adjustable looped strap over it makes assembly incredibly simple. An easy, thoughtful way to commemorate having a good time and being outside when camping, at the park, or in your backyard. Teslin mesh is a comfortable fabric. Installation and supervision by adults are required. The simplest way to make your backyard more enjoyable is to swing in!


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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 37 × 34 × 4 cm

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The New Teslin Fabric Swing is easy to hang over a tree branch that is at least 10″ thick. It is portable and colorful, making it ideal for backyard play.
125 lbs. maximum weight limit, age 4 and up; adult installation and supervision necessary; do not leave outside for extended periods of time

Who among kids doesn’t enjoy swinging? Therefore, one should be in every backyard! The New Teslin Fabric Swing from wonderland sport is quick and simple to put together and ready for use at any time.
The fabric swing is flexible, breathable, and virtually indestructible. It can expand with your child, thus it can also be sized to fit your child.
The Fabric Swing Chair can be transported anywhere and fastened to any luggage. It can be attached almost anywhere, indoors or out!
Toddlers and older children: Starting at age 3, even toddlers can enjoy themselves on the swing! However, even heavier kids up to 75 kg can still enjoy swinging!
The Light New Teslin Fabric Swing is constructed of nylon and polyester fibers and is suitable for youngsters as young as three. – non-slip – appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use – holds up to 75 kg – blue
A special activity is offered by the swing. By using this swing, you may improve your strength and coordination while also taking in the fresh air and calm environment.
Designed to be breathable, non-slip, and durable using nylon and polyester fiber
The rope strap may be adjusted to the child’s height using the small, lightweight, and convenient metal buckle.
You can use it inside or outside, in the yard, garden, park, porch, while camping, or anywhere else.

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