Plastic Disc Swing With Rope For Children

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The healthiest and most enjoyable way to spend playtime is to swing outside. The entire family may enjoy a turn on the disc swing! Your youngster will benefit much from the swing’s great movement input because it hangs freely and can swing and twist in any direction. The Plastic Disc Swing With Rope For Children was created with your child in consideration, allowing them to feel safe and comfortable while concentrating solely on having fun. It is made of high-quality, sturdy plastic, making it ideal for the continuous playtime it must withstand. With its adjustable rope length, this swing fits any environment and is simple to mount to a frame, tree, or ceiling for countless hours of family fun!


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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 62 × 31 × 45 cm

Product Description

The disc swing is sent completely built with snap-hook and “o” ring connections that are ready for attachment. The swinging tree seat is a portable swing that you can bring with you anywhere—to a picnic, a camping trip, or on vacation—because it is small and light. The disc swing will provide your kids hours of pleasure swinging and spinning, so they will all adore it.
The round disc seat is made of highly durable copolymer plastic, and the coated hardware is made to be rust-free. The ridged seat design increases friction, making sure the rider doesn’t fall off. The 10mm thick brown rope is fastened with a black plastic crimp and knotted twice on the bottom end, making the ropes strong and long-lasting. The swing comes fully assembled and is simple to install.

WHAT YOU NEED: Are you looking for a fun method to get your kids to spend more time outside? A Disc Swing for Tree in your backyard will undoubtedly do the trick if you’re not constantly in the mood to drive kids to the swing park!
SAFETY IS IMPORTANT: The combination of nylon rope, plastic disc, and metal used to construct this outdoor disc swing ensures that it will endure the test of time regardless of the weather.
NO ASSEMBLY IS NEEDED: With an user-friendly, easy to install system, this Disc Swing for Tree requires no special tools or skills. Simply hang it from a sturdy tree branch and you’re done!
A child’s smile while having a great time swinging with his friends cannot be measured in dollars or cents. Additionally, the youngsters will be able to understand the value of exercise, will boost their self-esteem, and will develop better coordination!
A free lifetime replacement guarantee is included with this backyard playground addition to ensure your complete satisfaction with your purchase. You can be sure that they will appreciate it whether you order it for yourself or as a useful gift for a close friend.

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