Colorful Knot Disc Rope Swing For Tree

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The youngsters will adore this Colorful Knot Disc Rope Swing For a Tree whether it is hanging from a large tree or a swing fence. The kids take turns climbing to the top of this crucial item for the holiday party, and the base.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 113 × 34 × 5 cm

Product Description

Children can stand or sit and swing with this really fascinating swing equipment. The kids practice climbing without assistance on four tiny platforms. Children are drawn to the playground and backyard by the variety of toys available there rather than staying inside to play with electronics. Swinging can also aid in the brain’s development of speed and direction perception, which is advantageous for kids with visual perception issues.

1. Weighs 3.85 pounds or 1750 grams

2. Composition: polyester swing belt, iron hook, and polyethylene rope and disc

3. 440 lbs/200 kg Static Load Weight Capacity

4. Minimum Age: Three Years Old.

5. Swing Length: 2 meters (78.7 inches)

6. Big Disc Diameter: 30cm/11.81 inches

7. Small Disc Diameter: 11cm/4.3 inches

8. Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue

Included in the package: 1 disc swing rope

Standing or sitting is very comfortable on a broad platform.

gaining self-assurance and increasing bravery.

With four platforms that are varying heights, this can be used as a climbing tool for kids, inspiring them to go higher and higher.

Additionally, it can help parents and kids spend more quality time together. colorful and more kid-friendly. Color is an intriguing difference from typical single swings. Bright colors, whether they are blackish-green or colorful, are immediately noticeable and can entice kids to swing.

enough to be stable and durable. The small disc diameter is 4.3 inches, the large disc diameter is 12 inches, and the maximum static load is 440 pounds. If your younger children just want to stand and swing on the rope, the bottom plastic disc is large enough to hold the child. The climbing rope itself is wide enough to hold well.

Not for Commercial Use; strictly for Residential Use.

Children older than three years old are advised to use it. When playing, young children require adult supervision.

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