Children Hammock Tree Platform Swing

About this product:

This is the latest version of our platform swing, with features, details, and specifications.

Wonderland Sport is a manufacturer of kids and baby swings, we offer OEM/ODM wholesale services and support customized products.

Product Details.

Assemble size: 102X76cm 

Adjustable height: max 160cm;

Steel tube:Ø32*1.2mm;

Rubber foam tube: thickness 6mm;

Seat: black PP mat;

Webbing:38mm width PP; 

Rope suspension: Ø10mm PE; 

Packing:1pc/inner box,4pcs/master carton


Additional information

Weight 5.3 kg
Dimensions 82 × 22 × 11 cm

Product Description

This tree swing for kids is suitable for garden, outdoors, sports, home, home, living room, office, gifts, square, school, kindergarten, playground, naughty castle, parent-child restaurants, coffee shops,s and other occasions

Children can sit on the Hammock Tree Swing or lie down, or two children can play together, as it has plenty of space and load-bearing capacity, so parents can let their children play with confidence.

Cushion: The strong, anti-aging, anti-corrosion rotating seat cushion has a large load capacity, which can support 100 kg. All kinds of friends can play together

Easy to install: Quick, easy to install, comes fully assembled, and includes simple instructions so you can attach this tree swing to your tree or swing in minutes.

Safety: Double safety, steel screw reinforcement, thick and thick metal tube, sturdy, detachable, and not occupying the ground, breathable, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, strong autumn dry cushion.

How to Make a Tree Swing

Step 1: Select a Tree. Find a tree that is healthy and clear of obstructions such as bushes, structures, or other trees. 

Step 2: Cut the Seat. 

Step 3: Shape the Seat.

Step 4: Sand the Seat. 

Step 5: Drill Holes for Rope. 

Step 6: Paint. 

Step 7: Attach Chains. 

Step 8: Attach Rope to Anchor Shackle

How do you hang a child swing on a tree?

If your swing can be tied to the branch with rope, start by throwing the spliced loop over the branch. Pass the tails of the rope through the spliced loop, let the loop ride up, and tighten against the branch. It’s then easy to attach the seat to the ropes using simple overhand knots.

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