Best Heavy Duty Kids LED Tree Swing

About this product:

Newest researched and developed in the market, combined traditional nest swing with LED elements, making this LED heavy-duty platform tree swing attractive to kids and adults, giving the family a fun place to enjoy the wonderful parent-kids time.

1-Indoor&outdoor, both day and night. At night, it’s more attractive.
2- For ages 3+, the ideal saucer tree swing provides a backyard swing or playground fun for children, teens, and adults in the backyard, playground, parks, etc.
● Could be used as chair swing for the tree, nest swing chair, swings for playsets, and more to encourage imaginative play and promote balance.
● Creates a perfect comfortable space to play, read, listen to music, relax, sleep, enjoy playtime with friends and family .
● Perfect gift for kids, grandchildren, playmates for different occasions like birthday, Christmas, outdoor picnic, party etc.

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Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 102 × 26 × 102 cm

Product Description

  • Equipped with random blinking lights, bring an attractive light show.
  • 40’’ diameter large, sturdy circular swing for one or multiple kids to swing at once.
  • Fully assembled with adjustable hanging ropes.
  • Attached to any swing set or sturdy tree branch. Two carabiners are included.
  • UV is resistant to outdoor residential use. Use day or night!
  • LED illuminated frame for animated alternating colors.
  • A great sensation integration, encourages gross motor skills, coordination, balance and body awareness, and social skills in group play.
  • The strong frame holds up to 400 lbs, and measures an amazing 40 inches in diameter.
  • Exceptionally strong and solid hardware and ropes for enhanced safety and durability.
[Random Blinking light] Our large saucer LED tree swing can emit bright and colorful lighting on both at day&night. Transform ordinary tree swings into magical ones with the press of a button to activate the lights string, it can light in different modes, and once turned on the LED lights will stay activated as long as the swing is in motion. After a while of inactivity, the LED lights will turn off. Any motion of the swing will re-activate the LED lights. And then after a long time of inactivity, the LED lights will turn off and the button will need to be pressed to turn on the LED lights. This working mode can save power to a large extent and makes the swing light more time.[New Developed design] This amazing large saucer tree swing is combined the traditional nest swing with a current fashion LED element, which makes the swing so attractive in the playground. Blinking light–thicker suspension rope–equipped with two carabiners–sturdy steel frame and PP connectors –assembled structure.

[Easy to assemble] This best large platform outdoor tree swing is an assembled one when you received it, only have the 2pcs ropes with eye-bolt equipped into the swing body, and the installation will be finished. Included with two carabiners, you can easily attach this heavy-duty LED saucer swing to a tree in minutes. Set up construction, easy for storage. This outdoor circle tree swing provides a backyard swing or playground fun for children, teens, and adults and can satisfy you to make your backyard a fantastic playground.

[Adjustable and thick swing rope] 2pcs 12mm thick ropes are made from PE material which is much strong. Each 180cm suspension rope with two carabiners can adjust the height so that it can be applied for different ages and kids’ sizes.

Light Up Your LED Best Saucer Tree Swing!
Our LED best saucer tree swing is very easy to hang. Using simple heavy-duty carabiners which are included in this kid’s tree swing, you can hang it up very quickly. It can be attached to any tree branch or sturdy swing frame on a park or gym swing set. Attach it by two points for a smooth and sturdy flight, or by one point. With our LED web swing hanging up, then it can satisfy you to make your backyard/park an awesome playground.
Our 40’’ saucer best tree swing can emit wonderful&colorful light showing various light flashing modes which can light up the 40’’ saucer tree swing. The soft light will not hurt kids’ eyes, which brings a multi-color atmosphere to your saucer web tree swing and allow you to enjoy the fun of playing on the swing at night. It creates a great place to read, listen to music, drink a cup of coffee, and stimulate the imagination. Hanging indoors so kids can relax with gentle movement or hang it from a strong tree branch for play dates, picnics, and parties. It’s portable, so you can re-locate the fun anytime or pack it away when not in use.

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